Preparing to Move

You’ve made the decision to move, and now that the papers are signed and everyone knows you’re moving, what next? How to start preparing for the actual, physical move? With a solid deadline on the calendar you will have a little breathing room to procrastinate, but not much. Instead make progress every day with these three easy actions.

1) Start jettisoning stuff you don’t need to move

Immediately start a box for household goods you don’t need or want to take to your new home. You can save everything in one spot to have a moving garage sale or donate items to a charity once a week until you move, whichever seems more manageable. Either way, you will lighten your load, literally.

2) Consolidate

If you keep some things, such as office supplies, in three or four locations throughout the house, start to consolidate everything in one room so they can all be packed together. This way you’ll also see if you have duplicates of anything that’s not actually necessary. Maybe you have four staplers but don’t actually need more than two, you can put the extra staplers in the donation box.

3) Pack the off-season first

If you’re moving in summer, pack all of the sweaters, boots and mittens, label the box, and walk away. If you’re moving in winter, pack the swimsuits, shorts and flip flops first. If you’re moving in fall or spring, pack items from the past season, summer wear in fall and winter gear in spring.

Once you’ve reached the point of packing off-season clothing, you’ll be motivated to organize and box other things that may not have your everyday attention. Books, pictures, the good china and crystal, and everything in the linen closet are often next on the packing list.

Before you realize it, the entire place will be packed, and you’ll be completely ready to move to your new home.